Pajar Vang

My name is Pajar Vang. Before I started photography at InProgress, I had no interest in photography what so ever. I never really thought I’d had a creative side. but when my friends introduced me to In Progress I had so many ideas popping in and out of my mind. I have never heard of this program “InProgress”, but let me tell you this, when I saw my friends art work on that wall I was envious and wanted to have the same accomplishments like they had. My first art work was a series of photos about emotions. There were four photos, the first one was called “The White Monster” which was a photo of me wearing white, on a white background. White on white. That photo ended up on a postcard for the Saint Paul Art Crawl for In Progress. Ever since that series I kept going to the photography classes that they offered every tuesday and eventually ended up getting a SLR camera of my own to own. I started creating art work like crazy. I had a series of Hmong skirts framed up in the Art Crawl gallery, and those photos traveled to the Travelers Building in Downtown saint paul. I did Collaborations with other artistes at In Progress that had great meaning and ended up post cards too. Ever since In Progress happened to me, I’ve been successful in the path i’ve wanted to take. I, Pajar Vang, The girl who had no interest in photography, am now a photographer.