Joshua Strong

My history with In Progress began around 2000-2001 when I participated in a video made by my cousin. By 2005 I began to participate in summer workshops facilitated by the group every year here in Nett Lake. Initially the program allowed me access to expensive equipment to make videos influenced by action movies. By 2009 the program became a creative outlet through which I publicly came out as homosexual/Two Spirit. 

Point in fact, I've been fighting since then to make this program available to the Youth because I attribute it to saving my life. This outlet needs to be available to everyone one. What I'm doing at Nett Lake School is helping Kris Sorenson teach the students the techniques needed to create a Poster Series that will be featured at State Of The Band called "Health in Progress". The content the students are attributing to Health is truly outstanding and advanced in mentality for their young ages.